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Three Crazy Great Tricks That Make Your Home More Attractive — Whether It’s For Sale Or Not*

*but mostly for when it is

I’ve seen a lot of houses.
A LOT of houses.

I’ve seen your home before you lift a finger, after the second week of de-cluttering, and the day before photographs. And I’ve shown hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other people’s homes — modest and grand, single-family and condos, homes of 50 years and quick flips. What’s consistent? That presentation is far more important than architecture or decor.

I’ll always recommend full “decluttering”, storage, and staging but here are some relatively quick suggestions for how to refresh your home.

ORDER. Homes that are kept in order, with a place for everything and everything in its place, feel attractive. It doesn’t have to be about the amount of things we have, but how we organize and present them. Clearing counter space in your kitchen can turn the avid chef’s work zone into a serene, inviting space. Simply ordering pots and pans by type, stacking serving ware, and lining up kitchen knives by size, can make a world of difference as well. In the den, placing all of your books neatly side by side on shelves next to a reading chair and lamp makes for a cozy inviting space for any guest. And in the bedroom, you can take a closet stuffed to the brim and rehang everything by type and color to do the trick.

LIGHT. Light sells. First, wash the windows. If you haven’t treated yourself to this in some time you’ll be shocked at what a difference it makes (and leave off the screens for maximum effect.) Next, pull back the curtains, blinds, drapes, shutters. If overgrown shrubs are blocking the windows, have them cut back, and remove the lower limbs from large trees. Finally, if nothing else, turn on ALL the lights, and make sure they have the same types of bulbs.

CONSISTENCY. Incongruity feels irritating. Boho in one room, colonial in the next, and modern in the other doesn’t work, better to mix it all up tastefully and remain consistently eclectic throughout the home. Color matters too. Twelve rooms in twelve different colors, no matter how well coordinated, is not peaceful — one neutral color throughout will pull together even the most mashed-up decor.